Keeping Cars Kickin’

Changing Lives, One Oil Change at a Time!

Family Service Day designed the ‘Keeping Cars Kickin’ initiative for the automotive industry.  Participating repair shops offer no-charge vehicle maintenance, service and education to families that need help caring for their automobiles.  Sharing their talents as automotive professionals is a great way for shop owners and employees to connect to their community while strengthening local business relationships.

Providing a ‘Hand-up’ to Families 

At a minimum, guest families receive a range of services including an oil change, tire rotation, fluids top off, and a 31-point inspection. Guests for Family Service Day events come from nonprofit partners in the community.  Family Service Days are family-friendly, fun events and often include visits from the local fire or police departments.

Education and Safety is Key

Keeping Cars Kickin’ promotes automobile safety and education. Service providers ask guests to identity the aspects of a vehicle that makes them feel vulnerable, creating an opportunity to learn more about the vehicle they drive. The goal is for guests to leave with more reliable transportation and a sense of security that comes from having a better understanding of how their vehicles work.

For more details, watch the Keeping Cars Kickin’ Video.